• Kanchu Kanamoto

    Kanchu Kanamoto

    Chairman of the Board and
    Representative Director

  • Tetsuo Kanamoto

    Tetsuo Kanamoto *

    President and CEO
    Executive Division Manager, Business Coordination Headquarters

  • Tatsuo Kanamoto

    Tatsuo Kanamoto *

    General Manager, Steel Sales Division

  • Kazunori Hashiguchi

    Kazunori Hashiguchi *

    Division Manager, Human Resources Division
    General Manager, Business Development Office

  • Akira Sannomiya

    Akira Sannomiya *

    Division Manager, Business Administration Division
    Division Manager, Used Products Sales Division
    President and CEO Kanatech Co., Ltd.

  • Jun Watanabe

    Jun Watanabe *

    Division Manager, Construction Equipment Rental Division
    Division Manager, National Special Demand Sales Division
    General Manager, New Products Office
    President and CEO KG Flowtechno Co.,Ltd.

  • Shun Hirose

    Shun Hirose *

    Division Manager, Accounting Division
    General Manager, Public Relations Office
    General Manager, Bill Collection Center

  • Hideaki Yamashita

    Hideaki Yamashita *

    Division Manager, Overseas Business Division

  • Susumu Naito

    Susumu Naito

    Outside Director

  • Eiji Arita

    Eiji Arita

    Outside Director

  • Motoki Yonekawa

    Motoki Yonekawa

    Outside Director

  • Ayako Tabata

    Ayako Tabata

    Outside Director

  • Tetsuya Okawa

    Tetsuya Okawa

    Outside Director


  • Eichu Kanamoto

    Eichu Kanamoto

    Standing Corporate Auditor

  • Naoyuki Yokota

    Naoyuki Yokota

    Standing Corporate Auditor

  • Noriaki Ikushima

    Noriaki Ikushima

    Outside Corporate Auditor

  • Yasushi Ishiwaka

    Yasushi Ishiwaka

    Outside Corporate Auditor

  • Iwao Takeuchi

    Iwao Takeuchi

    Outside Corporate Auditor

Corporate Officers

  • Hiroshi Kumagai

    Hiroshi Kumagai

    Division Manager, Information System Division

  • Satoru Toiya

    Satoru Toiya

    Division Manager, Construction Equipment Rental Division
    President and CEO Assist Co.,Ltd.

  • Nobuyuki Sato

    Nobuyuki Sato

    Division Manager, Corporate Planning Division

  • Hideki Nakaya

    Hideki Nakaya

    General Manager, Internal Control and Auditing Office

  • Seiichi Tanaka

    Seiichi Tanaka

    President and CEO NISHIKEN.CO.,LTD.

  • Mitsuo Watanabe

    Mitsuo Watanabe

    President and CEO Unite Co.,Ltd.

  • Takashi Onoda

    Takashi Onoda

    Division Manager, Administration Division
    General Manager, Secretary Office

  • Keiji Yamane

    Keiji Yamane

    Regional Manager, Construction Equipment Rental Division Kanto & Koshinetsu Region
    Regional Manager, Construction Equipment Rental Division Kyushu Region
    Division Manager, Specialized Equipment Engineering Division

  • Toru Ito

    Toru Ito

    Regional Manager, Construction Equipment Rental Division Tohoku Region
    President and CEO CENTRAL Co., Ltd.

  • Yasuhito Fujiwara

    Yasuhito Fujiwara

    General Manager, Affiliated Business Office

  1. Asterisk indicates directors who hold the additional post of corporate officer.
  2. Only the position titles at Kanamoto are shown, and official positions being performed concurrently have been omitted.